Etobicoke Sport Guards & Night Guards

Protect your teeth with custom guards and appliances

If you suffer from bruxism, which means you clench your jaw or grind your teeth, it may result in a bad headache or dull jaw pain.

The discomfort is frustrating, but did you know it’s also damaging the surface of your teeth? Often, it could even results in your teeth loosening!

Another way your teeth may be in danger happens on the sporting field or ice rink. Contact sports — such as football, rugby, and hockey — often result in teeth injuries.

At Kipling Queensway Mall Dental, we believe in the importance of protecting your teeth from harm. That’s why we’re proud to offer sports guards and night guards for our patients — all customized to your individual mouth and needs.

Night Guards:

A custom-made bite appliance protects your teeth while you sleep, preventing chips and damaged fillings that can happen as a result of grinding and clenching.

Sport guards:

A custom sport guard protects your teeth during physical activity, cushioning them from any impact. It’s an essential piece of equipment that should always be in your sports bag.

It only takes a few minutes in our office to begin making something that could protect your teeth from terrible damage.

To learn more about custom sports guards and bite appliances, contact Kipling Queensway Mall Dental today.